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Submissions to SJS should follow the standards used by other academic journals. If you are interested in making a submission proceed to the form below where you can indicate the topic or theme of an article or translation you would like to submit, or a book you would like to review. I will then respond as quickly as possible as to the appropriateness of the submission. Thereafter, you may then submit an e-mail attachment with a work for publication consideration. I will read it and then find one or two (depending on the subject matter) reviewers. We should have an answer for you quickly.

All submissions should include Asian languages characters for all proper nouns (expect common geographic sites, such as Tokyo or Shanghai). All bibliographic entries should be in the standard form. All title should include characters and translations of all titles except the name of journals or newspapers. For Chinese, feel free to use either pinyin or Wade-Giles romanization as long as you are consistent. For Korean, McCune-Reischauer is preferred, although the new Korean government scheme is acceptable as well.

Please fill in the following form (All fields are required except those marked optional):

If your submission is accepted for publication, do you agree to the posting of your article online under these terms?

If accepted for publication do you wish your article to be offered under a Creative Commons license?