Announcing the relaunch of Sino-Japanese Studies online

For fifteen years Sino-Japanese Studies (1988-2003) was published in hard form and distributed throughout the world. It was the only journal of its kind in content, bringing together Chinese and Japanese studies—irrespective of discipline or time period. The relaunched journal will be available open access online and will continue to be the only journal of its kind. It will contain original, refereed articles, translations, reviews, and news from the field. Interested readers and contributors may find further details on making submissions to the journal as well access the full online archive of back-issues here at

They may also contact the editor directly.

Joshua Fogel (fogel at, editor
Konrad M. Lawson (konrad at, web technician

Comments (3) to “Announcing the relaunch of Sino-Japanese Studies online”

  1. I came across this web by searching books of Joshua A.Fogel. It is amazing we can have this journal, given the fact that sino-japanese study is a minor area in the academia in spite of the big name it has. It’s not easy to find a specialized journal or faculty.

  2. Thanks very much, Michelle. I hope we get a chance to meet so I can thank you in person.

  3. Congratulations on your relaunch and what a wonderful asset to those interested in Sino-Japanese relations and history. Thanks so much for putting the old issues in PDF format for everyone to access.

    Best of luck.

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