Vol 17 (2010)

Table of Contents


Sino-Japanese Studies in Hong Kong: History, Characteristics and Problems Abstract PDF
Wai-ming Ng
A note on Sino-Japanese: a question of terminology Abstract PDF
Peter Kornicki
Report on “Searching for Modernity and Identity in Japan-China Cultural Flows in the Modern Period” Abstract PDF
Wai-ming Ng
Medicine, Philanthropy, and Imperialism: The Dōjinkai in China, 1902-1945 Abstract PDF
Chieko Nakajima


Demon Capital Shanghai: The "Modern" Experience of Japanese Intellectuals - Chapter 6 The "Modern City" and the Shōwa Period Abstract PDF
Jianhui Liu, Joshua A. Fogel

New Books

Japanese War Orphans in Manchuria: Forgotten Victims of World War II PDF HTML
Mayumi Itoh

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