Vol. 16 (2009)

Chinese Translations from Japanese of Works on Socialism, 1919-1922

Published February 25, 2009


This bibliography lists writings concerning socialism that appeared in journals and newspapers published in China, from 1919 through 1922, which were translated from Japanese (not necessarily full translations) and essays extensively quoting from Japanese works. It includes translations of works by authors such as Kawakami Hajime, Sakai Toshihiko, Takabatake Motoyuki, Yamakawa Kikue, and Yamakawa Hitoshi, among others.


1. The name "Mary Elizabeth Massey" found on page 33 has been corrected to read Mary Marcy.

2. The original German title Karl Marx's oekonomische lehren was added under the entry for Marukusu Shihonron kaisetsu.