Vol. 16 (2009)

Demon Capital Shanghai: The “Modern” Experience of Japanese Intellectuals - Chapter 3: Shanghai and the Opening of Japan (Part 3)


In this third part, Liu focuses on two individuals who contributed to the establishment of the “Shanghai informational network,” and the opening of Japan. Otokichi, or “Nippon Otokichi,” a Japanese castaway who, after a failed attempt at repatriation, eventually came to work as a company clerk for the British company Dent and Company, and, working out of Shanghai, served on several occasions as interpreter between Great Britain and the Japanese shogunate. A second figure considered is Thomas Glover who served the Jardine Matheson company in Shanghai and as an agent for them in Nagasaki. Glover would engage in a number of activities in Japan representing western interests and sought to connect Japan to the “Far Eastern trading” network with Shanghai as its hub.